Criticism Arises Towards Hwang Minhyun’s Acting in “My Lovely Liar” Opposite Kim So Hyun

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Here’s what netizens have to say.

Criticism Arises Towards Hwang Minhyun's Acting in "My Lovely Liar" Opposite Kim So Hyun 1

Jasmine Turner

Hwang Minhyun has slowly been making a name for himself as an idol-turned-actor. He started out with a small role in the movie Their Distance, before getting his first lead role in Live On.

Hwang Minhyun and Jung Da Bin on the set of Live On.

Later, he took up a supporting role on Alchemy Of Souls. He played Seo Yul, a nobleman.

Hwang Minhyun on Alchemy of Souls. | tvN

He reprised the role in season two of the show. Finally, in 2023, we are back with his next main role! Minhyun plays Kim Do Ha in My Lovely Liar. He gets involved with a murder suspect, but no one believes that he is innocent. On the other hand, Mok Sol Hee (played by Kim So Hyun) has a supernatural ability to tell when people are lying. The two get entangled and she might be his only hope to prove his innocence.

Kim So Hyun and Hwang Minhyun.

The show recently aired its pilot. As this is Kim So Hyun’s first drama in two years, many were anticipating it. Fans loved the visuals of both, but were left wanting, thanks to Minhyun’s rookie acting skills.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Both of their visuals are good, but [they] can’t act.
  • Both leads are pretty and handsome, and the acting was alright. Maybe because it’s just the first episode, it was a little chaotic. I think it will be more fun to watch if they shave it down a little.
  • He got on my nerves with his bad acting, even as a supporting character on Alchemy of Souls. He’s the lead here so… tsk.
  • They’re not actors that will rake in the views, so ratings will rise if the drama is fun. It will probably pass on by word of mouth too.
  • I think Hwang Minhyun doesn’t have acting talent at all. I don’t know about the leads’ chemistry too.
  • I think it’s fun LOL. It’ll accompany me during meals from now on.
  • Huh, people are still talking about Hwang Minhyun’s acting? I hope he improves…
  • I don’t know about their chemistry, and their acting too… sigh.
  • At first, since both their visuals are good, I was like, “oh, not bad.” But as I watched on, the male lead’s acting was so bad that I changed the channel.

As it is still the first episode, it seems like many are still willing to give the drama a chance. In the meantime check out the trailer for My Lovely Liar below.

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Criticism Arises Towards Hwang Minhyun's Acting in "My Lovely Liar" Opposite Kim So Hyun 2Twitter

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