Bela Padilla mourns the loss of her father

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Bela Padilla is mourning the loss of her father, Cornelius Gary Sullivan.

The actress shared the sad news on Instagram late Monday, August 28, 2023.

Wrote Bella, “Our dad passed away last night in his sleep and that is my only consolation in all of this.

“He wasn’t in pain and he hopefully was dreaming of the happy times in his life.”

She added, “My sister, Ceri, told me the most beautiful thing last night…my dad loved us, his children, deeply.”


Bela paid tribute to her dad by recounting the good times they shared together.

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A British national, Bela described Cornelius as someone who “loved life and lived his life to the fullest.”

Cornelius, according to Bela, “knew where all the cool places were in any country he was in.”

Her father’s love for music was also evident throughout his life, singing along to songs performed by bands in the bars he visited.


Bela learned to swim because of her father, who taught her to “be fearless in the water” as a young kid.

Cornelius was not someone to get upset easily, and Bela admired his cool disposition at all times even when confronted by problems.

“I never saw him upset…or lose his cool. Never saw him get angry or mad at anybody (in front of me),” reminisced Bela.

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“He was very empathetic but still madly funny. And he gave the best hugs, never letting go first.”

Bela poignantly said in closing, “I will always wish for one more day, but that would be unfair.

“For now, and until paradise comes, the memories will tide us over.”

Meanwhile, Bela’s showbiz friends and colleagues expressed their condolences to the actress.

Among those who reached out and consoled Bela were Sharon Cuneta, Mariel Padilla, Kylie Verzosa, Jericho Rosales, Agot Isidro, Cherry Pie Picache, and Lorna Tolentino, among others.


In 2019, Bela flew to Thailand to visit her dad who was reportedly sick and was in the hospital.

Bela made no mention of her father’s ailment in her post.

She posted on May 4, 2019, on Instagram: “My dad isn’t doing too well atm and is in a hospital in Thailand.

“I’m flying over to check on him and would love if you can all help me pray for him.”

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