BTS’s Jungkook Celebrates Birthday Surrounded by Numerous Fans in Exciting Photos

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You’d think it was a mini meet-and-greet.

BTS's Jungkook Celebrates Birthday Surrounded by Numerous Fans in Exciting Photos 1

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It is currently September 1 in KST, which means BTS maknae Jungkook’s birthday has finally arrived.


While Jimin nearly sent ARMYs into a meltdown with his birthday post for his member, ARMYs, too, are showing their love in their own sweet ways. Some organized birthday ad campaigns for him, while others conveyed their love through heartfelt messages on social media.

In Seoul, there’s another HUGE ad to celebrate the Giant Pop Star Jungkook birthday ♡ South Korea is celebrating the KOOK-WEEK!!

— 나비.97 (FAN) (@maineventjeon) August 30, 2023

This is one of the best birthday ads I have seen so far🥵🤧
‘Singer, dancer, maknae, rapper, composer, model. Jeon Jungkook’ yes that’s our giant pop star!!

This is located at Yongsan Station from 28th August till September 11th!

— 나비.97 (FAN) (@maineventjeon) August 29, 2023

As always, Jungkook didn’t forget to show his gratitude and love toward fans and wrote a heartfelt thank you post on Weverse.

[230901 Jungkook Weverse Post]

🐰 hello everyone, it’s jungkook

its my birthday 🙂
as time passes, it feels more and more as if my birthday doesnt feel like much, but since the time that all of you guys prepared for is so precious, i am making sure to clearly write these words+

— 미니융 🧸 (@miiniyoongs) August 31, 2023

Additionally, he also held a brief live broadcast where he showed off a cute magic trick and thanked fans before signing off.

Jungkook’s birthday livestream | Weverse

ARMYs couldn’t be more grateful to be the ones receiving gifts from him on his own birthday. But it looks like some people got even luckier and got to meet Jungkook in person on the same day!


— moni⁷ (ꪜ) 𖠌 (@taeisthv) August 31, 2023

During his livestream, Jungkook mentioned that he was out with friends and had turned on the stream as soon as he came home.

🐰 I finished practice and I ate together with the friends I practiced with.
🐰 I had a drink too and then I came in like this.
🐰 But I still had to send you a note so I did!
🐰 I turned on the live as soon as I got home.

— christa⁷ 🐰🎂 LAYOVER (@ryuminating) August 31, 2023

It turns out he visited a popular restaurant DosanJeongyuk, where he ran into multiple fans. One lucky fan, in particular, shared her story of meeting Jungkook coincidentally at the restaurant. She even shares the same birthday with the BTS member!

Is this a dream…
It’s my birthday tomorrow (9/1), and for the birthday party, I went to eat meat at # DosanJeongyuk (restaurant name), a place I have wanted to eat at for a long time. But!!!
I saw Jungkook-nim

Jungkook’s birthday is also on 9/1. ..
Isn’t the timing crazy? We have the same birthday and even met at the same restaurant!!!
I still can’t believe it, seriously. I’m just dumbfounded.

— First part of the fan’s caption

One by one, multiple photos of Jungkook with fans at the same restaurant surfaced online, and in each of them, he posed happily.


— loꪜe (@goovarbie) August 31, 2023

jungkook took multiple pictures with people at a meat restaurant 🥺

— jungkook admirer₇ (@dreamjeons) August 31, 2023

Looks like Jungkook was serious when he said he would love to be approached by fans casually on the streets as if they are his old friends!

BTS's Jungkook Celebrates Birthday Surrounded by Numerous Fans in Exciting Photos 2


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