RIIZE’s Seunghan extends sincere apology for recent hotel photo controversy

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RIIZE's Seunghan extends sincere apology for recent hotel photo controversy 1

RIIZE’s Seunghan has personally apologized for his recent hotel photo controversy.

Photos of Seunghan kissing his alleged girlfriend at a hotel during his trainee days have been causing a stir online, and SM Entertainment announced he would be absent from the group’s recording for ‘NPOP‘ due to his health.

On August 30, Seunghan took to RIIZE’s Instagram to post an apology. He wrote:

This is RIIZE’s Seunghan.

I’m writing this because I feel I need to tell you this in advance before standing in front of fans. Firstly, I sincerely apologize to fans who support RIIZE.

Because of my personal issues, I caused harm to the team at a very important and critical moment before our debut and disappointed the members and staff.

I am also feeling regretful for not being able to apologize quickly because I was scared and anxious. I’m unable to blame anyone else, and all of this happened because of my imprudence. I reflected a lot on my past time and actions.

From now forward, I will prioritize the team RIIZE. I will behave more carefully not only on stage as RIIZE, but also in all other situations I come across.

I’ll do my best so you can feel my sincerity toward the team and fans through my actions.

I apologize once again. Thank you for reading this long post.

SM Entertainment further stated they’ll be legal action against unauthorized leaks and circulation of these photos. 

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