10:30 AM: Insights from a former McDonald’s chef on why it’s the most challenging time to dine.

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He’s sharing his nuggets of wisdom. 

Although most fast-food lovers would argue that a tasty bite from McDonald’s is a treat at any hour, the burger behemoth’s former corporate chef is virally warning happy meal munchers against patronizing the restaurant during its mid-morning transition. 

“Why is 10:30 the worst time to go to McDonald’s?,” said chef Mike Haracz, answering a question from a Mickey D’s fan in a trending TikTok clip. “At 10:30, that’s when the restaurant switches from breakfast to lunch.”

In the saucy post, which is currently serving nearly 20,000 viewers, Haracz, who purportedly worked as the manager of culinary innovation for McDonald’s headquarters, explained that the daily menu changeover causes ruckus in the kitchen, as well as with the staff. 

“There’s a bunch of people who want their breakfast later than 10:30, and there’s a bunch of people who want their lunch earlier than 10:30,” he continued, noting that the problem is mostly rooted in the eatery’s cancellation of its short-lived “all day breakfast” offering — a campaign customers have long-hoped would be reinstated. 

Worst time to eat at McDonald's revealed.
Former McDonald’s corporate chef Mike Haracz revealed that 10:30 a.m. is the “worst” time to eat at the restaurant due to the hectic kitchen switch from its breakfast menu to its lunch menu.
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“The issue is,” continued Haracz, “all of the [cooking] equipment is the same, and a lot of times things are switched over from the breakfast menu to the lunch menu.”

“That means the fryers are no longer cooking hash browns, they’re cooking French fries, the grills have a different time and temperature,” added Golden Arches whistleblower. “The Universal Holding Cabinet (UHC) that holds a larger volume of the cooked items — [used] to service customers extra quick, so they can just pull things out of the cabinet — all of the breakfast ingredients and items need to be removed and all of the lunch items need to be added.”

And the McNightmare doesn’t end there. 

A McDonald's Egg McMuffin.
Haracz said franchises typically struggle to get rid of all of the breakfast foods in time to begin serving lunch.
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Haracz went on to explain that 10:30 also marks a shift change at most franchises, which adds another layer of chaotic gunk to the deep-fried fray. 

“Crew are switching over sometimes,” he said. “Sometimes more headcount come in or leave at that time.” 

“All of these moving parts are happening while it’s also getting busier at the restaurant, while also switching an entire menu, while trying to run out of all the breakfast items and add all the lunch items,” said the Mc-insider. “And it causes a lot of issues within the restaurants.”

A general view of a McDonald's restaurant sign as seen in Paramus, NJ on April 29, 2018.
Online, McDonald’s fans shared their personal experiences with eating at the restaurant during the kitchen switch.
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Haracz — who’s previously achieved social media superstardom by revealing the secret contents of McDonalds’ Big Mac sauce to an audience of over 3.4 million — concluded his word to the wise by deeming 10:30 the “cluster” hour for eating.   

And McManiacs responded with mixed reactions. 

“I find just after 10:30 am to be the best time to get lunch [because] all the lunch items are the freshest at that point,” a commentator chimed. 

“Yeah, when I was a kitchen manager changing menus was the worst. Having to time everything to be food safety temped, while also doing breakfast,” added an ex-employee. 

“One time we got a ton of breakfast items free because they messed up our breakfast order right as they were switching over to lunch,” said a grease buff. 

However, when a troll wrote, “The best time to go to McDonald’s is never lol,” to which Haracz responded with a heartfelt “like.” 

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