Potential Reasons for Edge’s Departure from WWE to Join AEW: A Comprehensive Analysis of Five Factors

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the landscape is ever-shifting, marked by unexpected turns and jaw-dropping surprises. One such potential upheaval that has captured the attention of fans and industry insiders alike is the possibility of WWE veteran Edge making a shocking move to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). As a multi-time world champion and a celebrated figure in WWE, Edge’s potential departure would undoubtedly send shockwaves through the wrestling world. Let’s delve into five compelling reasons why this leap of faith might just become a reality.

5. A fresh start:

No matter the heights one achieves, monotony can set in over time. The allure of a fresh start in a new environment can be rejuvenating. AEW offers Edge the canvas to paint new stories, forge new rivalries, and reinvent himself creatively. Stepping away from the familiarity of WWE’s routine might be just the breath of fresh air Edge needs to invigorate his career and capture the hearts of a new generation of fans.

4. A chance to help build a new promotion

Being part of something revolutionary and watching it grow from its infancy is an opportunity few can resist. AEW, with its emphasis on fresh concepts, innovative storytelling, and an alternative to the WWE formula, presents an exciting prospect for Edge. Contributing his experience and creativity to shaping a new promotion could rekindle his passion for the sport and allow him to leave an indelible mark on the industry once again.

3. More money

While passion drives many wrestlers, it’s no secret that financial incentives play a significant role in career decisions. AEW, as a burgeoning promotion backed by ambitious investors, has demonstrated its willingness to invest in top talent. For Edge, a lucrative contract could not only reward him for his years of service but also secure his future. This financial stability might serve as a persuasive factor in contemplating a leap to AEW.

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2. Edge wants to work with his friends

The bonds forged within the wrestling fraternity are often unbreakable, and Edge’s camaraderie with several AEW roster members might prove irresistible. Chief among them is his long-time friend and fellow Canadian, Chris Jericho. Their history both in and out of the ring creates an intriguing narrative that could lead to riveting storylines. The prospect of reuniting with friends-turned-rivals or allies could be a compelling motivation for Edge to make the switch.

1. Nothing left to conquer in WWE

Edge’s journey in WWE is a testament to resilience and determination. From humble beginnings, he rose to the pinnacle of the company, capturing numerous championships and etching his name in the annals of wrestling history. However, as with any successful story, there comes a point where new challenges are needed. Edge’s storied career in WWE has left few mountains left to climb. The hunger for fresh rivalries and uncharted territories could drive him towards AEW, a promotion teeming with untapped potential.


In considering these reasons, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the decision to leave WWE for AEW is not one Edge would take lightly. The wrestling world is marked by passion, dedication, and a profound connection with the fans. Edge’s journey, from the highs of championship victories to the lows of career-threatening injuries, has been etched into the collective memory of the WWE Universe.

However, change is an inevitable force, and the wrestling landscape has seen its fair share of seismic shifts. The rise of AEW itself is a testament to the appetite for alternatives to the WWE product. The promotion has successfully carved a niche by offering a blend of athletic prowess, engaging storytelling, and a willingness to push boundaries.

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