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As James Gunn made his way from Marvel Studios to DC, it is speculated that he could bring along MCU stars like Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Pom Klementieff, and others to DC Universe. The filmmaker has been quite open about working with the Guardians of the Galaxy stars and has already cast some of his previous cast members in the upcoming DC projects. And seems like he has something big planned for the leading cast of his MCU films, as he recently suggested while replying to a fan on Threads.

James Gunn
James Gunn and the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy

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James Gunn on Chris Pratt’s Involvement in the DCU

Guardians of the Galaxy stars like Chris Pratt and Pom Klementieff have been quite open about working with new DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn. While Pratt has stated that he would do it if he gets the offer, the Mantis actress has also shared that she has had some conversations about transitioning to DC Universe.

James Gunn and Chris Pratt
James Gunn and Chris Pratt

As fans speculate what the filmmaker might have planned for the Guardians of the Galaxy stars in the MCU, one of the fans took to Threads to suggest some ideas for their DC appearances, saying, “I would like some from the cast of GotG to guest star in the next season of PeaceMaker, as themselves.”

And Gunn’s reply suggests that he already has some plans for the Marvel stars’ DC appearances. “There are reasons I wouldn’t want either of those actors to play themselves in the DCU!” he said as he replied to the fan quarry on Threads.


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While he did not confirm Pratt or Klementieff’s involvement in future DC projects, it does signify that he could have significant plans not only for Pratt but also for multiple Guardians of the Galaxy cast members under his new DCU.

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What Role Could Chris Pratt Play in the DC Universe?

Known for starring in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy as Peter Quill, aka Star Lord, Chris Pratt has admitted that he is open to starring in James Gunn’s DCU. He has stated that he is happy for Gunn and the progress he has made in his career, saying, “DC is super lucky to have him in that position.”

Chris Pratt in Guardians Of Galaxy Vol.3
Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3

While some of the Guardians of the Galaxy stars have claimed that Vol. 3 will be their last project with the MCU, Pratt’s Star Lord is still believed to have a future under Marvel’s superhero universe. When asked about which character he would like to play in the DCU, he said that he “will let the fans tell” him which DC character they want him to portray.

And there have been some suggestions for his DC entries. Some of these characters include Green Lantern, Dona Cop, Christopher Chance, and Booster Gold. While Pratt may have urged the filmmaker to cast him as Catwoman, that is certainly not the role fans would like to see him in.

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