Filipino rapper EZ Mil inks a record deal with Eminem and Dr. Dre.

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Filipino-American rapper, singer, and songwriter Ezekiel Miller – also known professionally as Ez Mil – took another leap in his career by signing with hip-hop legends and Grammy Award winners Eminem and Dr. Dre.

At the age of 25, he became the second rapper after 50 Cent to have a direct joint deal with all three prestigious record labels – Eminem’s Shady Records, Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment, and Interscope Records.

Shady Records posted a photo of the two music icons with Ez Mil with a caption, “Still Aftermath! Back at it with Dr. Dre to sign the incredibly talented Ez Mil.”

On Instagram, Eminem also posted the photo and wrote, “Me and Dre back at it… Check @ezekielmiller aka Ez Mil out.” While on Twitter, he shared Ez Mil’s song “Up Down (Step & Walk)” telling fans it was “why we signed him.”

According to Shady Records website, Ez Mil’s single “Up Down” from his album “DU4LI7Y” released through Virgin Music, drew immediate attention from Eminem fans who noticed the resemblances in their rhythmic styles. After about a month, Eminem himself came across the song and was impressed. This led to an exciting turn of events as Ez Mil made the journey from Vegas to Los Angeles to meet with Dre and Em for the very first time.

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Ez Mil (center) with hip hop icons Eminem and Dr. Dre INSTAGRAM PHOTO/SHADY RECORDS

Ez Mil (center) with hip hop icons Eminem and Dr. Dre INSTAGRAM PHOTO/SHADY RECORDS

Ez Mil (center) with hip hop icons Eminem and Dr. Dre INSTAGRAM PHOTO/SHADY RECORDS

The meeting sparked a strong bond between Ez Mil and Eminem, leading them to collaborate on a track called “Realest.” This song showcases their incredible rap acrobatics, with a pulsating beat and an array of complex multisyllabic rhyme schemes and clever wordplay that harkens back to Eminem’s legendary style.

Following this successful collaboration, Eminem made a significant move by signing Ez Mil to the three labels. Eminem’s involvement includes curating “DU4LI7Y: REDUX,” which will be Ez Mil’s final release under the Virgin Music label.

“We’ve never been out there signing a lot of artists, and one of the great things about how we built Shady is how selective we’ve been,” Eminem said.

“And it’s even rarer that Dre and I sign something together – but I heard Ez’s music and was like, ‘this is really special” so I took it to Dre. We both agreed it would be a great fit and we wanted to work with him right on the spot,” he added.

Dr. Dre added, “I’m really only interested in working on shit that sounds different from anything else going on out there, and only then if I feel I can really bring something to it. Em played me Ez and I had that feeling…that thing that happens when we both know we’ve found something special. And that was it….let’s get to work.”

Born and raised in Cebu City, Philippines, Ez Mil discovered his passion for music at a young age. He honed his skills and developed a distinct musical style that blends traditional Filipino elements with modern rap beats. His powerful and thought-provoking lyrics, combined with his energetic performances, quickly caught the attention of listeners around the world.

Ez Mil’s breakthrough came in 2020 when a video of his viral rap performance of “Panalo” during the Wish 107.5 Bus station’s music series gained immense popularity on social media platforms. The video showcased his remarkable talent, complete with his rapid-fire delivery, intricate wordplay, and seamless flow. The overwhelming positive response from viewers instantly catapulted EZ Mil into the spotlight, earning him a massive following and international recognition.

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