Arizona Brandy Opens Up About Her Struggles to Establish a Personal Identity on ‘Drag Race Philippines’ S2E1

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“Drag Race Philippines” Season 2 is finally here, and Episode 1 was nothing short of looks, sass, drama, and couture!

In the first episode, only six queens out of 12 were introduced: Arizona Brandy, Matilduh, Tiny DeLuxe, Nicole Pardaux, and two transwomen Captivating Katkat, and M1ss Jade So, who happen to be the first transwomen contestants of the franchise.

Their first task was to do a photoshoot with celebrity photographer BJ Pascual where they had to pose with a tarantula on their bodies.

Matilduh won in the mini-challenge, bagging P20,000 and the authority to arrange the sequence of the queens in the girl group challenge.

In the girl group challenge, the six queens performed their verses on the song “BOOGSH,” followed by a runway challenge with the category “Feather You Like It Or Not.”

M1ss Jade So and Captivating Katkat earned good praises from the judges, but Arizona Brandy reigned supreme on the episode, winning P80,000 and the first Ru-badge of the season.

At a Bekenemen viewing party hosted by Baus Rufo and Myx Chanel held in Apotheka on Wednesday night, Arizona expressed her joy for winning in the premiere episode.

“I’ve been a drag queen for nine years [already], and I really struggled to make a name for myself,” Arizona said.

“I’m so happy because, finally, I’m here in ‘Drag Race Philippines,’” she added.

Arizona is a regular performer in Rapture Cafe Bar in Cubao, and she has made it her advocacy to support local drag artists, especially her “Cubao sisters.”

“I’m a jolly person, pero sobra ‘yung struggle, kaya ang pinaglalaban ko talaga [ay] ‘yung local drag natin,” the drag queen said.

Bekenemen host Baus attested to Arizona’s advocacy to support local drag queens, saying that Arizona takes some of her Cubao sisters in her gigs.

“I will attest to that, you know when we were trying to book Arizona for this show, sabi niya, ‘Whenever you book me, can we please include some of my Cubao sisters?’” Baus said.

The other six queens who will star on the next episode of “Drag Race Philippines” Season 2 include Astrid Mercury, Bernie, Dee Dee Marie Holiday, Hana Beshie, ØV CUNT, and Veruschka Levels.

Ahead of its launch, Drag Race Philippines had a premiere night which turned out to be more than just a viewing party.  

“Drag Race Philippines” Season 2 is now streaming on HBO GO and Wow Presents Plus.

— LA, GMA Integrated News

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