12 Drag Race PH Queens Reveal Winning Strategies to Become the Next Superstar

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, August 3) — The new season of Drag Race Philippines features a diverse set of queens who are ready to give everything they can to be the next Filipino “Drag Superstar.”

Speaking to CNN Philippines’ New Day, the 12 contestants revealed their strategy in the competition.

For DeeDee Marie Holiday, it is about taking advantage of her 14 years of experience in drag, and reinventing herself.

Veruschka Levels also highlighted her two decades of experience in the fashion industry, saying she will use it to rise to the top.

For Astrid Mercury, she said it is important to think out of the box.

Captivating Katkat and Nicole Paradaux, meanwhile, both said there is no other strategy needed but just to be yourself and be confident.

Tiny Deluxe also said she chose to focus on herself rather than her competitors.

Hana Beshie, on the other hand, said she will just “let loose and enjoy because drag is fun.”

Talking about her tactics, Arizona Brandy jokingly said it will be “to sabotage everyone.”

For M1ss Jade So, she said her plan includes “a billion to look this good,” adding that her being one of the transgender women in the race helps uplift their community.

The other contestants also shared what inspired them to join Drag Race Philippines and who inspires them to pursue their art.

Hailing from Ilocos Sur, Matilduh said she is excited to show what Ilocanos have to bring to the table.

She also disclosed that she usually gets her inspiration from divas like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Ariana Grande.

For ØV CÜNT, she said she joined the competition for representation. She also noted that she draws inspiration from Philippine cinema’s villains, like the late actress Cherie Gil.

Hana Beshie and Nicole Paradaux also emphasized the importance of representation in the latest season, with the former being a drag queen from Mindanao and the latter from Cebu.

Another transgender woman in the competition is Bernie. While they already have some advantage in terms of physical features compared to the others, she said this still pushes them to be more creative.

Drag Race Philippines Season 2 started airing on Aug. 2.

Precious Paula Nicole was crowned last year as the Philippines’ first “Drag Superstar.”

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