10-Answers-To-Credit-Card-Questions-We-Get-Asked-All-The-Time 68 Tips, Tricks and Things You Should Know About Legitimate Paid Survey Sites

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68 Tips, Tricks and Things You Should Know About Legitimate Paid Survey Sites

Hello my name is Tim and I am a professional Paid Survey Taker. Over the past 2 years I have participated in hundreds of market research studies and made some money doing it. I always get strange looks when I tell people that I take surveys as my part time job.

Taking paid surveys is not easy​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​first, I was looking for legitimate paid survey sites and learning the ropes. I signed up to over 600 sites that said they were legitimate surveys only to find out they were scams, spam or trying to sell me a list of online survey sites. I just ended up joining 10 legit sites.

Eventually I did more research and found over 300 legitimate market research sites worth joining. I created a site dedicated to legitimate paid survey sites theguruseye and started helping others, so they don’t have to go through the same thing.

There are a few things you should know about paid surveys before you decide to start taking surveys online. Here I will give you some tips and tricks about paid surveys that I have taken. This first part of this article will outline some of the information you need to know.

Part I – Intro to paid surveys

1. First I want to say that there are Legitimate Paid Surveys out there. I personally take surveys for 47 paid survey sites.

2. Never pay a survey directory for information that is completely free on the internet. There are many scams like this so beware.

3. Just because a site is heavily advertised doesn’t mean it’s a good site to join.

4. Never pay to join a survey site, legitimate paid survey sites are free to join.

5. Some paid survey sites allow members as young as 13 years old.

6. Legitimate paid survey sites do not advertise on other survey sites.

7. Legitimate survey companies do not ask for your social security number.

8. Legitimate survey companies will not try to sell you products.

9. Legitimate survey companies will not ask you for your bank account number or credit card number.

10. Legitimate paid survey sites do not send spam, only surveys and newsletters.

11. To find a legitimate site you should look for the following logos. AMA, BBB, Castro.

12. Real survey sites have things like faqs, privacy policies on one of the first pages or easily accessible.

13. Paid Survey Sites are real Market Research Companies. These companies or conglomerates are very efficient in what they do.

14. Stay updated on the news around you. Market research companies are assigned new trends and topics, so if you can, watch or read the news every day.

15. Taking paid surveys won’t make you rich, however they will bring more money into your pocket at a better rate than most Americans today with a part-time job (hourly).

16. Surveys can be taken at any time day or night, from the convenience of ​​anywhere today with mobile technology, if you have time to kill and you have access to the internet. Do what the surveyors do.

17. Participating in Market Research for Paid Survey Sites will require you to disclose personal information. You will be protected if you join legitimate paid survey sites.

18. You must take the time to participate in surveys; I suggest you spend 1 hour a day.

19. Lesser known survey sites make you more money per survey, however; I don’t know much about paid survey sites that don’t send a lot of surveys, maybe 1 per month.

20. Legitimate paid survey sites never make exaggerated claims. Most legitimate sites won’t even tell you how much you can make.

21. Remember if it sounds too good to be true than beware!

22. Still interested? Then continue to our next part of 68 Paid Survey Tips and Tricks.

Part II – Setting up your accounts.

Setting up your accounts is very important; this will ensure everything goes smoothly. From quick payments, completing your surveys and qualifying for them.

1. Get organized, it’s a simple process. I created this tutorial to set you up properly.

2. First you need to decide on a specific user name and password; it’s easier if all you log in is just one user name and one password, so you don’t forget.

3. Get a new e-mail address either Gmail or Ymail they are free.

4. Go to the Firefox website and download Mozilla, it’s free.

5. Get Roboform auto form filler, it’s free unless you want to upgrade (recommended after you get into the swing of things)

6. Setup your Roboform auto form filler (use your information)

7. Create a folder in your tool bar (left click on the toolbar and select new folder) Name it as you see fit.

8. Now you need to know how many sites you will join. I recommend when first starting to join 10 survey sites. Joining 10 survey sites will earn you about 30 survey invitations per week.

9. Remember the more sites you join and take surveys, the more money you will earn.

10. Join your specific industry or other paid survey sites such as entrepreneurs, world opinion business, or join the African American voice or Greenfield for Hispanic’s these panels pay more.

11. What sites do you join? Here is the reviewed list of paid survey sites.

12. Remember the quality sites you want to join, not the junk.

13. Join Survey Sites.

14. Some survey sites pay through PayPal. PayPal usually pays faster, if you want to set up the account.

15. Which sites do you choose to join, if you are on their site click once on the tab and drag it to your folder and drop it.

16. When you receive surveys set the sender as a contact, so that e-mails do not end up in spam folders.

17. When you join a survey site they usually send a conformation e-mail, be sure to click on the link or your account will be inactive.

18. After you join the sites you want to return to them and fill out the profile questions, this will ensure that you do not receive surveys that are not relevant to you.

19. Once you have completed the profile questions double check to make sure your address and contact information is correct. This will ensure that your checks reach you.

20. When you complete a survey you can attach a note to the invitation to your e-mail account that you completed it and when.

21. After you start receiving e-mails from survey sites create a folder for your e-mail invitations. This way if you need to find out information on a survey you have it at your fingertips.

22. Most market research companies do not want professional survey takers, so do not advertise on the survey site that you are taking surveys from multiple companies. Sometimes you will be asked to take the exact survey on many survey sites. I always laugh at this especially when everyone is paid differently. Taking the same survey can be boring but it’s faster the 2nd and 3rd time.

Part III – Taking surveys, what to expect, how much money to expect, what and what you should do.

1. Paid surveys won’t make you rich, however if you stick with it you can easily earn $300 – $600 per month.

2. Most paid survey sites will send you an e-mail invitation to surveys they can use that match your demographic information you provide.

3. Try to complete every survey they send you.

4. Most survey invitations will let you know how much you can make for the survey and how long it will take to complete.

5. Some surveys reward you with sweepstakes entries for completing the survey.

6. Sweepstakes surveys are usually shorter and easier to complete.

7. Some sites if you complete a sweepstakes survey they will lead you to higher paying surveys.

8. Using your bookmarked paid survey site folder in your toolbar log the paid survey site you join every day; they will notice that there is activity on your account.

9. There are 4 types of questions asked in surveys.

10. Qualifying questions usually ask about things like work and if you use one product, don’t always choose any of the above for work and always choose at least 3 products.

11. Classification questions ask things like where you live and how much you earn. Tell the truth.

12. Question of opinion; answer as you see fit, there are no wrong answers.

13. When completing the opinion questions effort.

14. Be careful during opinion polls some survey sites will put things like choice # 3 in a question for quality purposes.

15. Market research sites are in the information business they say they expect if you take part in a survey you will give them important information ie I like the cover of that magazine because of the style of the picture.

16. Some surveys ask you if you have participated in a survey about (example) before, always check that you have not participated in research about (example).

17. Most survey sites have a member’s area where you can check your stats, survey invitations and profile make sure you familiarize yourself with the layout.

Part IV – Payment of Survey and Tax

1. After $600 from any 1 survey site you will receive a 1099 tax form for your earnings.

2. Paid survey sites usually pay by check which some convert to PayPal.

3. If you go on vacation or if you will not be able to participate for 2-3 weeks, notify the survey site, this way your account will remain active.

4. Paid survey sites sometimes ask you to participate in focus groups, they usually pay $50-$200 not very often, but they do happen.

5. Product testing is also something that is requested by paid survey sites that you join; I personally have the product tested on various things such as socks, toothbrushes, candy and even air fresheners. It usually pays $10-75.

6. If you are lucky enough to be a product test participant make sure you follow everything to a T. this way the survey site will send you more.

7. Paid survey sites are always looking for panelists and they usually pay you to refer your friends, just make sure you don’t spam your friends, that’s not cool.

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